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This was the first game i ever bought through itunes. I am happy that the game has received an update, after being dormant for soo long. It is great, and i still play it to this day.


It's shooting, defense, and rpg-lite, all in a challenging, furious, and beautiful package. Taking down huge clusters and giant entities requires "twitch strategy" as well as competent weapon skills. With slammin' beats and hyper-stylized design, it's a Cat in the Box classic that never seems to age.

Still one of the best iOS games!

Glad to see it's still getting updated.


What a comeback! Spectacular!


Still the best after all these years

A staple on my iDevice

Since hitting the app store Blue Attack! has been a permanent fixture on my iPod. Clean graphics, infinite variation, and a good set of choices for control methods make it the best shooter on the App store. I only wish the game allowed multiplayer games and/or shield upgrades for the fighters and carriers. Even without that the game is amazing.

Hella fun

I just bought the game and haven't been able to put it down for the last hour


Would give zero stars if I could. Not one but two horribly implemented control schemes! There's no lite version because no one would shell out $2 after playing it for five minutes.


Needs to be iPad 2 available!!!

Amazing game

Great game All I would want is for a second one THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!


Needs dual stick option

Awesome game

My favorite three games just got better! Thanks, John Kooistra, for the unexpected and most welcome Retina Display updates to the Blue/Red games! Seriously great gameplay, slick controls, and so beautiful to look at. I'm buying anything this guy is selling. Easily my favorite game in the app store. John, your graphic style add clean gameplay would be ideal for an Every Extend Extra type game. Keep up the good work.


This game is great. Graphics are awesome. I wish there was a save button cause I get frustrated when I have to start all over again.

Exellent game, but still a bit rough

This game is probably my 3rd favorite game, and definitely my favorite shooter. However, it is very difficult (which I like) and tends to get frustrating when you have to start over every time. Personally, I would like to see a co-op multiplayer mode where you and your buddy each have your own squad. You could compete for resources and it would allow you to take down some of the tougher enemies quicker, and thanks to the customizing options, it would be a great team game. A save feature would be great too.

Best game in app store

It's perfect Only thing is that it needs a lite version and more levels

Epic Win

Ive probably spent more time on this app then all others combined and I have loved every minute of it. Truly a great game even tho the campaign leaves you wanting more, infinite mode answers the call.

Good shooting

This is like nfs upgrading and graphics are awesome This game is mad hard


Just the game I expected to get when I paid, except I cannot save! Why is this?

really good

the only flaw is I wish they'd make it longer

Excellent Quality!

Great game! Must buy!


Wow this is such a good game. I'm so glad I bought it when it was 99 cnts

It's great

Very addicting in infinity mode,great upgrades I should say 10/10.


Great game. Vector graphics, smooth animation. Only a buck. Buy it!

Won't leave my iPhone

This is a very fun game, its great for just a short play or even for extended play. Offers a lot in terms of difficulty. You will play this game for a long time.


Blue Attack is a perfect shooter for on the go.

Great Action

I love the feel of this game. I played it too much until I got to the point where I couldn't progress any further. I look forward to the time when I feel like giving it another go.

Great game!

Definetly one of the best iPod games out!

I love this game!

This is a very polished game with great controls, an excellent ship upgrade system, and simple, but highly stylized graphics. I can't recommend it highly enough.


This is easily one of the best apps available. Great controls, good graphics and sound, clever gameplay. Well worth the price. Can't wait for more updates and more games like this. Please make more games dev, both of your games are so beautiful they make me proud to be an iPod Touch owner. :)


I didn't like this at first, I recently reinstalled this and now can't imagine why I once hated this. I just love it

Blue attack

Awesome game, but the only complaint is that there is no "save". Please add. Upgrades to the ship are great.

My fav

This game has great mechanics, killer graphics, and a ton of strategy in it's upgrade system. I can't recommend it enough. It is one of the few games I go back to every day. I hope the author makes a new game soon; I'd love to see what he comes up with next.

Amazing Game - no bug

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! the graphics are amazing and the gamplay is outstanding. controls are hard to use at first but with a little practice it can be mastered. btw there is no bug in campagin mode, you just have to beat the level before in under a certain amount of time. So basically buy the game and enjoy.




Really good graphics and fantastic gameplay! Do yourself a favor and buy it!


This game Is awsome the map is the same as star fox 64 for the nintendo 64

Fat and fun!

After Blue Defense, you get to fight back! Pros: Sweet retro graphics! Choice of accelerometer or touch controls! Crazy enemy ships! Lots of upgrades! Different difficulties! Cons: Steep learning curve for precision play. Some levels are really hard. Overall: A really unique game that is fun to try to conquer. The graphics remind me of being in an old school arcade. Worth a download if you are a shooter fan!

Great stuff

All I have to say is LOL at the people who complain about the 'deadbeef level bug.' It's not a bug, people! Anybody who's played Starfox will quickly realize that it's a path you make over there. You have to complete specific time requirements to take the high road as opposed to the low road. The game even tells you what they are! Truly a great game with some great ideas. Keep up the good work, really.


Gameplay=great Graphics=great story=fair IN campaign mode, it ends it after i beat command unit deadbeef even though there are like 6... 7 levels left!!!

Decent Vector style game

Needs save feature.

Hard but fun

I have a hard time with the things that chase you because I can't outrun them, but the upgrades are awesome and I get better every time. Great game! Needs some way to retry the levels, maybe zoom out option? Also try Blue Defence by the same developer.


Being able to upgrade is key. Great game!!

Very good game, but

The button designs are sloppy. They are misaligned and the borders are pixelated. The graphics and animations are clean and polished so why stop there? Make the whole ui clean as well.

Good Game- Bug in campaign mode

Awesome game- definitely worth the buy. However, on campaign mode after I beat the level titled "Command Unit Deadbeef" (I think it's the fifth or sixth level), the game says I've won. It proceeds to the cutscene even though on the map there are clearly at least seven more levels that I haven't played. Why is this? Come out with an update to fix this and maybe make the time limits more lenient, then it deserves five stars.

Hopelessly addicting!!!!

Don't let my hopeless portion fool or discourage you. This game is incredible and absolute fun. Even if i rate it 5 stars, doesn't mean the developer couldn't add a few new graphical excitements, like gun upgrades that are apparent within gameplay, or some different and new concepts to make it a little more interesting. As repetitive as this game gets after about 200 tries, it is still very addicting and very fun. Good Job John! Hit yes if you agree.

Fun stuff

This will help you waste time.

Truely worth it

I love this game. It's one of my favorets. I'd love to have a free play mode that let's you start with custom amount of suplys and pick your level

Fantastic fun

Very addicting! This is a great game. The controls are good, and old school graphics work well. Highly recommended.

Blue attack

Bad a'' game super addictive and fun

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